Mar 17 2022

News From Kruse: March 2022

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By Dee Soustek

I’m new to Kruse and I’m so happy to be part of the crew!  I love gardening and it’s more fun doing it with fellow gardeners.  At home I garden in a small space, so it’s different and fun to garden in a large space, learning about new plants and sharing ideas and muscle.  Gardening in a new space helps expand my gardening knowledge and I look forward to a full season at Kruse. 

You can join the fun at Kruse, we garden on Wednesday’s at 9:00am, contact Billie for more information. Please consider volunteering, more hands make the work quick and more enjoyable. 

FootprintsI went over to Kruse to look around and to see if Spring had sprung. I was a little surprised to notice a raccoon ??? had beat me to the punch. Look at the size of those paws!  I took a stroll thru the garden on Friday, March 4th, being new to Kruse I didn’t know where to look for the daffodils, aconite, and tulips that I know are there. So I looked around and most of the garden is still dormant but spotted bulbs poking up and some perennials and woodies starting to bud.  I did notice the hellebores that we transplanted on a hot day in August seemed to have made it thru the winter! That was a nice surprise.

Happy Spring!

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