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Jun 20 2024

News from Kruse: June 2024

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By Marilyn Santos McNabb

The vast assortment of perennials and beautiful shrubs and trees are coming to life at Kruse Gardens after a fairly good spring rain!  The purple larkspurs are so stunning next to the bright orange poppies!  Both are reseeds from last year!  The blooms of the Persicaria next to the pond is like smoke coming out of the greenery! the rose campion is beautiful in its rich magenta flowers next to the double petaled feverfew!

On to the front of the house, the Shasta daisies are starting to open, the planters are gorgeous with the deep purple and green kale accompanied by white angelonia and purple stock!  The very tall pink snapdragons are almost done with its first batch of blooms, time to pinch back, gather and save the seeds, and in a few weeks will shoot their next beautiful buds!

On the side west side of the house, are beautiful stands of sweet peas and a great contrast of shades of green from the grasses, boxwoods and juniper! Oftentimes, we forget that the different textures of leaves, and shades of green, sizes of the leaves, add so much interest and impact to a simple driveway.

Art installation: Painted Olmec headLastly, stop by and view the art work reminiscent of ancient Olmec  statues carved between 1200BCE to 400BCE.  The Olmecs , an aztec term meaning rubber people, given to the inhabitants of the gulf coast, now known as VeraCruz and Tabasco, created heads, quarried and carved to commemorate their rulers. There are 4 total pieces scattered all over West Chicago.

We welcome you to visit Kruse House Gardens and if you are interested in working in the gardens we are there Wednesdays, 9:00 to 11:30am.

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May 31 2024

Celebrating Billie!

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Billie Childress with large cake covered in real flowers.

This amazing cake was courtesy of member Marilyn Santos McNabb

Originally posted on our Facebook page by our Publicity Director, Ruth Gauss.

At our club meeting last week we celebrated a very special moment. Billie Childress was given a Lifetime Membership to the club in recognition for all of her hours of service and dedication. We hope you were in attendance, but if not here are some information that our club president, Dan Beebe, shared about Billie’s time as a club member.

First seen on a 2002 Membership list (22 years), she jumped right in volunteering for the club.

In the last 22 years, Billie has been:

  • Club President
  • Vice President
  • Program Director
  • Plant Sale – Plant Acquisition & Digging Squad
  • Workshop Presenter
  • Public Art Coordinator
  • Kruse House Garden Coordinator w/ Angie Sadauskus (starting 2007)
  • Kruse House Garden Chair on the board once it became a position until her “retirement” at the end of 2023

Photo of Marilyn, Dan & Billie with the rapidly disappearing cake.For the Kruse House Garden, she has been Landscape Architect, Gardener, & an overall advocate. Billie, along with her dedicated crew of Kruse House Gardeners, was instrumental in making the garden into what you see today.

Tonight, I am pleased to announce, on behalf of the club’s board of directors and general membership that Billie Childress has been granted a Lifetime Membership in the West Chicago Garden Club.

Billie receiving a certificate giving her a lifetime membership.In addition, the club has purchased a bench, to be installed later this year in a West Chicago Park District Park. This bench will bear the following inscription:

Honoring Billie Childress
for her passionate service
to the Kruse House Garden
and West Chicago Garden Club

Photographs compliments of Claudia Frost

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May 15 2024

News from Kruse: May 2024

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By Dee Soustek

Lilacs in full bloom draped over a white fence.The gardeners are back!   So are the weeds and the plants that love to reseed!  It’s been fun reconnecting to the garden and especially the Kruse gardeners!  Everything is green, vibrant, and looking good. 

Most of the spring bulbs have finished blooming giving way to the next group of spring blooming plants. The Irises are throughout the gardens, most of the dwarf crested irises have finished blooming waiting for the tall bearded Irises to make their appearance. They all have big buds, getting ready for their time to shine.  You should stop by to check them out as well as the Poppies that are ready to Pop and of course I can’t forget the peonies!  Be sure to check out the peonies by the front entrance, they are spectacular. The Alliums are dotted throughout the garden and look so beautiful especially when the sun lights them up. They seem to multiply but not problematic, we can easily move them to other areas. 

Close up picture of a purple AlliumThe Lilacs are finishing up. They looked fantastic, and the fragrance was heavenly!  Kruse has such a nice variety of lilacs which is so fitting for the historical home, as is,the Bridal Wreath, Spirea that is around the entrance and along the fence line. 

We welcome you to visit Kruse House Gardens and if you are interested in working in the gardens we are there Wednesdays, 9:00 to 11:30am. Happy gardening!   

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