Feb 17 2022

News from Kruse: February 2022

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By Billie Childress

Our fabulous, famous, Garden Club Plant Sale is right around the corner! And… what makes our Plant Sale fabulous and famous is the plants that we dig out of our gardens. Plants from our gardens don’t need to sleep the first year, creep the second, and leap the third like a perennial plant from a nursery. No…sir….eeee! Our plants slow down a bit because it is traumatic to be transplanted but a fully developed root system, even one damaged by division, helps the plant reestablish quickly in its new place.

My garden is filled with Plant Sale plants and that’s the best testimonial there is, that indeed, our plant sale is famous and fabulous. I have purple coneflower, astilbe, epimedium, sensitive fern, monarda, and rudbeckia , just to name a few thriving in my garden, that came from our plant sale. And I hope many of you have a pagoda dogwood, a Mary Todd day lily, a Parkys Gold Hosta, or some other Plant from my garden thriving in your garden.

Kruse Garden in Summer

Kruse Garden in Summer

So what does that have to do with the Kruse Garden???

Well, let me explain.

I’m pondering what plants the Kruse Garden could contribute to the sale! I’m willing to bet that all our gardens have something. It’s just a matter of giving it some thought and of course digging it up in April to be potted at one of our potting parties. In general, the Kruse Garden still needs plants, so why/what would we give away?! Some plants like  Nepeta are generous self seeders and we could spare some of those and our Cyprus spurge needs to be thinned out.

And there you have it! Some plants for the sale! It’s likely there’s another plant or two that we’ll think of to
donate. It is interesting and exciting as the donation bags are opened at the potting parties! It’s amazing what a variety of great plants members generously donate from their gardens!

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