Sep 17 2020

September 2020 News from Kruse

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By Kerry Perry

The Kruse Garden is constantly changing.  As one perennial fades away, another plant blooms anew. I think September’s yellows are my favorite. Black-eyed Susan, false sunflowers and marigolds; their colors are bright and sunny. Maybe the blues and purples are best; Caryopteris, Lespedeza, phlox and cone flowers are so cool. Pastels are wonderful; the Pinky-Winky hydrangea and zinnias are pretty. But wait, maybe the reds and oranges should get top billing. The orange marigolds attracting bees, the reddish orange rose hips, the red berries on the viburnum have such rich, warm hues. Even pure white is stunning – Sweet Autumn clematis and Moon flowers. A complete palate of color appears now at Kruse. Do you have a favorite? The choice is difficult. 

At the beginning of the month our dedicated Kruse crew was watering more than weeding. The hot, dry summer days have transitioned to cooler weather.  The recent rain was welcomed, in fact I believe the plants perked up and literally said ”aahhh”.  Our crew also sighed relief.  Fall will be here in just a few days. Time to think about plantings for next spring.  And, we’re planning a new bed in the empty, colorless area under the lilac bushes in the back.

There are still plenty of days to help at Kruse.  Stop by on Wednesday mornings beginning at 8:30. Or, stop by anytime to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty.

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