Nov 29 2023

News from Kruse: November 2023

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The Kruse House Garden is ever changing. Today the fading plants still provide a diversity of color and texture.

The Kruse Crew will be changing too. Billie Childress is retiring from working in the Kruse Garden and she will be greatly missed! For many years now Billie has headed up the crew, providing expert leadership, knowledge, generosity, and fun. Billie has led us down the right paths, resulting in a garden with “bones” and artistic structure.

Billie has donated numerous trees and perennials from her own gorgeous garden. The viburnum she donated twenty years ago has grown to fifty feet – it’s magnificent. The variety of perennials are like a kaleidoscope –vivid, beautiful and always changing. Billie has devoted an incredible amount of time and love to the garden.

Thank you Billie!

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