Mar 16 2023

News from Kruse: March 2023

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By Dee Soustek

Yellow Aconite in full bloomWent to the Kruse Garden to take a short walk, to see what was happening.  I was greeted by a small patch of beautiful, vibrant, sunshine yellow flowers of the winter aconite (Eranthus hyemalis).  I was surprised to learn that aconite is actually a tuber and not a bulb.  These tubers should be planted in the fall the same time you plant your other spring bulbs.  Aconite for me, is the harbinger of Spring.  It has such a pop of color and it is so cheerful.  I hope the Kruse patch of aconite spreads or we add another clump or two.  

Then there were the Hellebores that were starting to bloom. One of the earliest flowers to bloom.  It’s always fun to see this early bloomer. Tried to take a picture but the downward facing flowers were not cooperating.  The new varieties are showing more outward facing blooms, it may be worth a try for this old favorite. 

Orange crocusThere were many bulbs pushing their way up; tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and alliums to name a few.  But there was a clump of beautiful orange/gold crocus that grabbed my attention, so nice with the sun spotlighting their presence.  It sure is a cute little clump, love the color. 

Hope you enjoyed the short visit to Kruse and I encourage you to stop by and see what else is ready to bloom.

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