Jul 19 2023

News from Kruse: July 2023

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By Dee Soustek

A yellow cutout bee in the garden.The bee and butterfly displays are back!

These are a delightful addition to the Kruse garden. The garden is looking fabulous!  The real life pollinators are really enjoying the fruits of our labor. So many of the perennials are in full bloom, it’s amazing how much more is blooming since our June meeting.  It’s hard to name a favorite, however, one that stand outs for me is the Bear Breeches/Acanthus Spinosus.  It is so dramatic, with the towering spires of purple and white trumpet shaped flowers and the shiny thistle like leaves.  I wish I had the space in my garden for a clump of it. It does get big; grows 30” to 36” High by 2’ to 3’ Wide.2 waterlily flowers - pink with yellow centers.  The other little gem that I wanted to highlight is the water lily. You have to catch it when the sun is out, such a pretty pink lily.

There is so much to see, and enjoy, you need to swing by and let us know some of your favorites. The Kruse garden is hosting Twilight Tuesday, August 8th, hope to see you there!  

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