Oct 21 2021

October Meeting: Bulb Bingo

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Our October meeting is MEMBERS ONLY, No Guests!

Our October meeting on the 28th will be our ever fun “BULB BINGO” event!  As always our bulb bingo expert, Pauline, has ordered bulbs for our games and everyone that participates will go home with at least two prizes!   If you’re anything like me, you will be surprised when in the spring all of a sudden something new is popping out of the ground and I think to myself….”what is that?” and then I remember….”oh, it’s those beautiful bulbs that I won last year at my wonderful West Chicago Garden Club!

See you on the 28th, please come on time as we will have Mike from the park district speak first and Dan will have a short presentation and promptly start our bingo games.  Bring your own refreshments (coffee, soda or water and anything else that you want to snack on)

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